The European Organization for Research and Treatment o Cancer quality of life questionnaire (EORTC QLQ-C30) is designed for use with a wide range of cancer patient populations, and is intended to be supplemented by tumour-specific questionnaire modules or supplements. (Scoring Manual)

scoring_eorc30(data, items = 1:30, keep = TRUE, pct_valid = 0.5, digits = NULL)



a data.frame containing the EORTC QLQ-C30 items orderd from 1 to 30. The data.frame may contain further variables.


A character vector with the EORTC QLQ-C30 item names ordered from 1 to 30, or a numeric vector indicating the column numbers of the EORTC QLQ-C30 items in data.


Logical, whether to keep the single items and whether to return variables containing the number of non-missing items on each scale for each respondent. The default is TRUE.


A numeric value between > 0 and 1 indicating the percentage of non-missing items required for score calculations. The default is 0.5 (50%).


Integer of length one: value to round to. No rounding by default.


The function returns 24 variables:

  • Number of valid values of Global health status/QoL (MAX=2)

  • Number of valid values of Physical functioning (MAX=5)

  • nvalid.rf: Number of valid values of Role functioning (MAX=2)

  • nvalid.ef: Number of valid values of Emotional functioning (MAX=4)

  • Number of valid values of Cognitive functioning (MAX=2)

  • nvalid.sf: Number of valid values of Social functioning (MAX=2)

  • nvalid.fa: Number of valid values of Fatigue (MAX=3)

  • nvalid.nv: Number of valid values of Nausea and vomiting (MAX=2)

  • Number of valid values of Pain (MAX=2)

  • Global health status/QoL Score

  • Physical functioning Score

  • score.eortcc30.rf: Role functioning Score

  • score.eortcc30.ef: Emotional functioning Score

  • Cognitive functioning Score

  • score.eortcc30.sf: Social functioning Score

  • score.eortcc30.fa: Fatigue

  • score.eortcc30.nv: Nausea and vomiting Score

  • Pain Score

  • score.eortcc30.dy: Dyspnoea

  • Insomnia

  • score.eortcc30.ap: Appetite loss

  • Constipation

  • score.eortcc30.di: Diarrhoea

  • Financial difficulties


  • Number of items: 30

  • Item range: Item 1 to 28: 1 to 4; Item 29 and 30: 1 to 7

  • Reverse items: none

  • Score range: 0 to 100

  • Cut-off-values: none

  • Minimal clinically important difference: 5 points (Osoba et al. 1998)

  • Treatment of missing values: "If at least half of the items from the scale have been answered, assume that the missing items have values equal to the average of those items which are present for that respondent." (Scoring Manual)


Scoring Manual

Aaronson et al. (1993)

Osoba et al. (1998)


if (FALSE) { library(dplyr) scoring_eortcc30(mydata, items = c(3:32)) }