The BRIEF-A is a standardized self-report measure that captures adults' views of their own executive functions, or self-regulation, in their everyday environment.

  items = 1:75,
  keep = TRUE,
  nvalid = list(inhi = 6, shif = 5, emot = 8, self = 5, init = 6, work = 6, plan = 8,
    task = 5, orga = 6),
  digits = NULL,



a data.frame containing the BRIEF-A items orderd from 1 to 75. The data.frame may contain further variables.


A character vector with the BRIEF-A item names ordered from 1 to 75, or a numeric vector indicating the column numbers of the BRIEF-A items in data.


Logical, whether to keep the single items and whether to return variables containing the number of non-missing items on each scale for each respondent. The default is TRUE.


A named list indicating the number of non-missing items required for score calculations. The defaults are:

  • inhi = 6 (Inhibit Scale)

  • shif = 5 (Shift Scale)

  • emot = 8 (Emotional Control Scale)

  • self = 5 (Self-Monitor Scale)

  • init = 6 (Initiate Scale)

  • work = 6 (Working Memory Scale)

  • plan = 8 (Plan/ Organize Scale)

  • task = 5 (Task Monitor Scale)

  • orga = 6 (Organization of Materials Scale)


Integer of length one: value to round to. No rounding by default.


Character vector with name of age variable (numeric)


The function returns 39 variables:

  • nvalid.briefa.inhi: Inhibit Scale, Number of valid items (MAX=8)

  • nvalid.briefa.shif: Shift Scale, Number of valid items (MAX=6)

  • nvalid.briefa.emot: Emotional Control Scale, Number of valid items (MAX=10)

  • nvalid.briefa.self: Self-Monitor Scale, Number of valid items (MAX=6)

  • nvalid.briefa.init: Initiate Scale, Number of valid items (MAX=8)

  • Working Memory Scale, Number of valid items (MAX=8)

  • nvalid.briefa.plan: Plan/ Organize Scale, Number of valid items (MAX=10)

  • nvalid.briefa.task: Task Monitor Scale, Number of valid items (MAX=6)

  • nvalid.briefa.orga: Organization of Materials Scale, Number of valid items (MAX=8)

  • score.briefa.inhi.r: Inhibit Scale, Raw Score

  • score.briefa.shif.r: Shift Scale, Raw Score

  • score.briefa.emot.r: Emotional Control Scale, Raw Score

  • score.briefa.self.r: Self-Monitor Scale, Raw Score

  • score.briefa.init.r: Initiate Scale, Raw Score

  • Working Memory Scale, Raw Score

  • score.briefa.plan.r: Plan/ Organize Scale, Raw Score

  • score.briefa.task.r: Task Monitor Scale, Raw Score

  • score.briefa.orga.r: Organization of Materials Scale, Raw Score

  • score.briefa.BRI.r: Behavioral Regulation Index, Raw Score

  • score.briefa.MI.r: Metacognition Index, Raw Score

  • score.briefa.GEC.r Global Executive Composite, Raw Score

  • score.briefa.inhi.t: Inhibit Scale, t-Score

  • score.briefa.shif.t: Shift Scale, t-Score

  • score.briefa.emot.t: Emotional Control Scale, t-Score

  • score.briefa.self.t: Self-Monitor Scale, t-Score

  • score.briefa.init.t: Initiate Scale, t-Score

  • Working Memory Scale, t-Score

  • score.briefa.plan.t: Plan/ Organize Scale, t-Score

  • score.briefa.task.t: Task Monitor Scale, t-Score

  • score.briefa.orga.t: Organization of Materials Scale, t-Score

  • score.briefa.BRI.t: Behavioral Regulation Index, t-Score

  • score.briefa.MI.t: Metacognition Index, t-Score

  • score.briefa.GEC.t: Global Executive Composite, t-Score

  • score.briefa.NEG: Negativity Scale

  • cutoff.briefa.NEG: Negativity Scale, Categorized

  • score.briefa.INF: Infrequency Scale

  • cutoff.briefa.INF: Infrequency Scale, Categorized

  • score.briefa.INC: Inconsistency Scale

  • cutoff.briefa.INC: Inconsistency Scale, Categorized


  • Number of items: 75

  • Item range: 1 to 3

  • Reverse items: none

  • Score range: T scores provide information about the person's individual scores
    relative to the scores of other respondents in the standardization sample

  • Cut-off-values: none

  • Minimal clinically important difference: none

  • Treatment of missing values: not reported; default: 80% valid items


Roth, Isquith, Gioia (1996) BRIEF-A. Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function -- Adult version. Professional Manual, Lutz (FL): PAR.

Gioia, Isquith (2011) (10.1007/978-0-387-79948-3_1881)


if (FALSE) { library(dplyr) items.briefa <- paste0("BRIEF", seq(1, 75, 1)) scoring_briefa(mydata, items = items.briefa, age = 'ALTER') }